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Get Going! - Henry Red Allen - Recorded Document: The Avant Garde Years 1927-1941

10 thoughts on “ Get Going! - Henry Red Allen - Recorded Document: The Avant Garde Years 1927-1941

  1. Virg
    In May , he recorded his first album with the Ornette Coleman Quartet, the seminal The Shape of Jazz to Come. Haden's folk-influenced style complemented Coleman's microtonal, Texas blues elements. Later that year, the Quartet moved to New York City and secured an extended booking at the avant-garde Five Spot Café.
  2. Zulkiran
    Oct 01,  · Abdullah spent the next three years learning from Sun Ra. “When I joined him, the people I was listening to were basically bebop trumpet players or avant-garde trumpet players. He made me go back to listen to people like Henry ‘Red’ Allen, which meant that I had to relisten to Louis Armstrong. .
  3. JoJojar
    Jan 01,  · Red Allen remained very active up until his death, and in the s was proclaimed by Don Ellis as "the most creative and avant-garde trumpeter in New York." The European Classics label documents his recordings of the s, and many (but not Author: Confetta.
  4. Dulrajas
    [citation needed] In , the Boswell Sisters had a pop hit with "Rock and Roll" from the film Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round, where the term was used to describe the motion of a ship at sea. In , Henry "Red" Allen recorded "Get Rhythm in Your Feet and Music in Your Soul" which included the because it was recorded two years.
  5. Kisar
    Black Grooves is a music review site hosted by the Archives of African American Music and Culture at Indiana University.
  6. Nikoshicage
    -He also says he invited Bird to his apartment one day then Bird told him how he really got his nickname: Said he would get up real early in the morning when he was about 14 or 15 and he would take one friend with him and they'd go to the park and get high and play tunes, he said it happened so frequently that the neighbors just started saying.
  7. Zologore
    Hungarian composer, ethnomusicologist, pedagogue, linguist, and philosopher. He is well known internationally as the creator of the Kodály Method. a Hungarian folk opera (that is, a spoken play with songs, in the manner of a Singspiel) in four acts by Zoltán Kodály to a Hungarian libretto by Béla Paulini () and Zsolt Harsányi, based on the comic epic The Veteran (Az obsitos) by.
  8. Yozshucage
    Jun 18,  · Starting in the late s and for the next decade, he was also a composer of some very modernistic percussion pieces that were considered quite favorably by such avant-garde pioneers as Henry Cowell, Lou Harrison, John Cage, Edgard Varèse and even Arnold Schoenberg, with whom Russell briefly studied around
  9. Daikree
    This is abundantly evident in two fairly recent and rather odd releases, Red Allen Meets Kid Ory and We've Got Rhythm: Kid Ory and Red Allen (Verve), in which Allen, lumped with second- and third-class musicians, plays with a beauty and a lets-get-this-on-the-road obstinacy that transform both records into superior material.

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